Eric Dean LeRoy

Programming / Marketing

Located in the Southwest. Looking for part/full-time clients. I'm a web developer. I like Web Design, Internet Marketing and writing custom code.

I am a full stack developer. I am happy to take on unique, challenging projects that others have failed at. I can integrate, migrate, or refactor most open source lanaguages. I work fast and pay attention to detail.

Skills / Qualifications


I work with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP for the web server and server-side database and programming.

PHP - I’ve used several Content Management Systems: Wordpress, OS Commerce, recently started working with Code Ignitor, or I can develop from scratch. I am proficient in PHP. It is my strongest server-side language. I can read/modify/create/refactor other programmers code, as well as develop my own, or build on theirs.

MySQL - I can create/modify/merge/import/export databases with mysql. I can pull complex queries for reports and analytics. I can database users, comments, prospects, etc.

Linux - most flavors are similar and open source. I use CentOS with WebHostManager (cPanel) to manage multiple sites on the same box.

Apache - the web server of choice - open source as well.


I'm fairly new to python, but I've picked up the language quick and I really enjoy it’s power and simplicity. Taking a few courses online on Coursera in my spare time. Django is a powerful open source web development framework built for python. I’m just now creating my first app with it. A auto-trading app for cryptocurrency using Coinbase’s API.

HTML, Javascript, CSS

I work with HTML, Stylesheets, and Javascript for all the front-end / client side programming. The visual part of the website with all the layout text/images and formatting. I use Javascript libraries like jQuery to speed up javascript development. HTML has been around since the Internet. I’ve been using it since I was 16.


I enjoy making each and every website aesthetically pleasing, with proper flow and smooth formatting. I like to use javascript libraries like three.js and various other frameworks and plugins. I am meticulous about proper spacing, layout, format. I thoroughly check for all errors before production. I use stylesheets to control device specific styles so the website can be accessible from Computers, Tablets, and Phones. (Responsive Design) without having to provide different site versions for each. I design with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and can use templates or create from scratch.

Marketing / SEO

I build upon brandable businesses. I can write keyword rich content (copywriting), build a companies backlinks, create Pay-Per-Click Campaigns (for 15% of budget), and write tracking software to calculate profit / loss on advertised keywords/sales conversions. I can create email marketing campaigns and use tools like Google Analytics/Console to monitor your website's metrics (load times, page views, etc.)

Office Suite

I also use Word, and Excel. I can create reports, write functions, manage / modify / manipulate CSV files, create graphs and charts, and create any presentations that might be needed through Power Point or other software.

Data Mining / Web Scraping

I can write programs to find and database particular search criterias. I can sort and sift through enormous amounts of data and produce meaningful reports and analytics.

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My Recent Projects

Here are some various projects from satisfied clients in the past year.