The Basics of Web Design


Wether you're thinking about having your first website made, or you just need a new better one,
Host Much is here to help guide you through the basics of web design.

Your website is the core of your online activities. Marketing channels like Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Email Marketing have one purpose; To bring people to your website. And the purpose of bringing people to your website is to convert them into customers. Right? A bad website will cause you to waist money on these marketing endeavors because you won't convert as many visitors to customers with a bad website. Think of it like this:

Better Website = Better Conversions = More Customers = More $$$

There are many people in the industry that call themselves web designers, but they are basically just script kiddies and geeks that know how to point and click. They set you up with a cookie cutter template on a bogged down framework, loaded with unnecessary plugins, riddled with bugs and slow page load times. Some have basic html knowledge and are more than happy to rush through setting you up with a website, giving little thought to planning or developing. They are quick to load up lots of information, photos and contacts. But, this method is not the best way to turn your visitors into customers.

You need someone serious about web design, like He will take you through the 7 phases of proper web design.

1. Analysis

Gathering information for your website purpose, goals, and researching your target audience.

2. Planning

Developing your sitemap. All the pages involved, the website structure, any proprietary apps or plugins needed and technologies used.

3. Design

Starting with either a wireframe model or template, going over every aspect of the visual style, usability, and UX/UI for the best possible user experience and conversion.

4. Content

A very important part of the process is choosing the right text, also known as copywriting. This is where overseas programmers will have issues, because of language/cultural barriers and the use of idioms and context. (Not to mention their code is usually awful to read.) Their services are deeply discounted and their quality of work is reflected in their price. "You get what you pay for", as the motto goes. And don't get me started on timezones...

We find that most of our clients lack proper content to start their website. That's okay! We are here to help you develop your content as well as your website. We can constantly update, add and remold your text for better information and conversion.

5. Development

Getting down to the nuts and bolts of the website. Making sure that the right Framework, HTML & CSS is applied, creating any needed databases, applications, graphics and forms.

6. Testing

Technical testing is done during and after the development processes. We refactor code, and benchmark test for fast load times. We make sure your website is esthetically pleasing on all browsers and devices without bugs or glitches. We test forms and code for unexpected one-off errors. We also user experience test the website to make sure that the website fulfills its purpose with minimal steps, simplifying redundancy to streamline conversions.

7. Deployment

Creating the live space for your website. The digital brick and mortar. The Web Hosting. We set you up with the right amount of diskspace and bandwidth to grow, and then upload the test environment to the live environment and then proceed to monitor your live website for any possible deficiencies. With a fully managed web hosting plan (Elite Hosting), we will also maintain and manage your website adding any updates, additional content, making tweaks to content and images, adding additional sections to your website–All at no additional cost to you. We free up your time, allowing you to get to the business side of your online business, while we manage the rest.


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